Since 2003, when UIU started, the ELI has had a firm commitment to excellence. English Language Institute (ELI) offers intensive English programs providing quality education and best possible learning environment that prepare students for using English in the academic and real world. The mission of ELI is to foster the learning of English language through its regularly scheduled English courses which are based on current practice in the fields of language teaching, acquisition, learning and assessment. These goals are accomplished by a group of well-trained teachers enthusiastically committed to the success of all learners, actively involved in meeting their needs, and focused on functioning as a team for the greater good of all concerned.

# The primary mission of the English programs is to prepare students for successful study at the undergraduate level and further higher learning. English classes are designed according to the latest research in teaching English as a second language.

# ELI offers English courses at different levels with gradual development. Students start at their own level whether beginning, intermediate or advanced.

# Students will have the opportunity to develop their reading, writing, grammar, academic listening/speaking and finally get a primary preparation for the IELTS.

# Presentation skill will make the learners confident in speaking English for academic purpose and  in real life situation.

# As the classes of ELI are student- oriented,  they  can interact with their classmates and teachers for sharing their views. Hence, they will be able to enhance their knowledge.

# Thinking about the needs of students, ELI at UIU  has  gradually developed different types of  ELT materials for the students.

# Students are taught to:

    • Read university-level materials.
    • Write academic papers and exams.
    • Speak more fluently in both formal and informal settings.
    • Take good, clear notes from lectures
    • Express opinions, feelings, and experiences in a natural and spontaneous manner.
    • Improve analytic reading and writing skills which they will apply in their respective core courses.
  • Write expressive, persuasive and referential writing.

# The English Language Institute also has teacher-training mission. Teacher development (workshop & training), research work is encouraged and facilitated

# The teaching assistants are also available to help the students and to provide them with even more English practice.

Finally, ELI is an active participant in the progress of the University, working cooperatively for the betterment of the students.

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