Year-wise Conferences List

Year Name of the conference Paper presented Presenter(s)
2015 One-Day Conference on English Studies in Bangladesh: Reconsidering Conceptual Paradigms held on 10 October, 2015 at the Permanent Campus of Southeast University ( 251/A and 252 Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208) The Effectiveness of Engaging Students in Debate in a Language Class Md. Didar Hossain
2015 National Conference on The Machine in the Garden: Literature, Language and Technology in English Studies held at the Department of English, Daffodil International University, on 19 September, 2015 Distortion of Bangla Language on Facebook by Tertiary Level Students in Bangladesh: Written Form Versus Utterance Md. Didar Hossain
2015 20th International Conference of NELTA (Nepal English Language Teacher’s Association) Incorporating Literary Texts in Language Classroom Dil Nusrat
2013 NELTA 18th International Conference Applying multiple Intelligence theory in ELT in Bangladesh Saima Hasin
2012 International Conference: Narrativizing the Margins: Northeast India and Beyond, organized by Asam University, India, ‘Relationship between Linguistic Inequality and Social Inequality’ abstract accepted. Sharmin Sultana
2012 10th Asia TEFL International Conference at Hotel Leela Kempisky, Gurgoan, (Delhi NCR), India “A comparative Study: Teachers’ Attitudes towards Communicative Language Teaching and its Practical Problems at Tertiary Level in Bangladesh and Thailand” Md. Kamrul Hasan
2012 Narrativizing the Margins : Northeast India and Beyond, conference 2012 ; organized by Assam University Marginalization and ESL pedagogy Saima Hasin
2012 International conference : Narrativizing  the margins:northest India and beyond.4-6 January,Assam university:Dhiphu campus Gender inequalities in ESL classroom. Takwa Sultana Jahan
2011 16th NELTA International Conference. Nepal.  ‘Meeting the Challenges with Opportunities and Directions in Teaching English in a Cross-cultural Context’. Sharmin Sultana
2011  16th NELTA  conference in NEPAL (presented paper) ‘Incorporating Literature in the English Language Classroom: Issues and Ways.’ Daisy Akter
2011 BELTA Conference How to handle EFL students’ trouble with listening comprehension Saima Hasin
2011 16th NELTA International Conference, Kathmandu, Nepal  “ICT with authentic material adds a new dimension to language learning” Tasnubha Bably
2011 16th Nelta International Conference ,Kathmandu ,Nepal 18-20 February Teaching writing in mixed-ability class at tertiary level Takwa Sultana Jahan & Tasnubha Babli
2010  19th MELTA Conference  in Malaysia (presented paper)  ‘Role Play in the English Language Classroom at the Tertiary Level in Bangladesh’ Daisy Akter
2010 Malaysia International Conference on Foreign Languages (MICFL),Universiti Putra Malaysia, 1-2 December The role of Language and Identity : Bangladesh perspective Saima Hasin & Takwa Sultana Jahan
2009 3rd International conference, “Empire and English Studies: Pedagogy and Activism Now”, organized by East West University, Bangladesh. ‘Language as a Means of Perpetuation of Men-women Power Hierarchy: Illustrating from English Texts used in Bangladesh’. Sharmin Sultana
2009 First Asian EFL/ ESL conference at Udaypur Vidyapeeth University, Udaypur, Rajasthan, India. Title: “An Integrated Subroutine can complete the existing Foreign Language Learning Processes”Authors: Tasnubha Bably  and Nishatul Majid Tasnubha Bably  
2009 First Asian EFL/ ESL conference at Udaypur Vidyapeeth University, Udaypur, Rajasthan, India. “Performance gap between receptive and productive skills”Author: Mrs. Tasnubha Bably and Sabrina M. Shaila Tasnubha Bably & Sabrina M. Shaila
2009 First Asian EFL/ ESL conference at Udaypur Vidyapeeth University, Udaypur, Rajasthan, India.  “Language for the Artificial Intelligence”Author: Nishatul Majid [I] and Mrs. Tasnubha Bably [II] Tasnubha Bably
2009 First International EFL ESL Conference, “ELT: Today and Tomorrow, Decolonising English Studies”, organized by Asian EFL Journal and Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University, India. ‘Watching cartoons as a dynamic source of learning English for young learners’. Sharmin Sultana
2009 NELTA 14th International Conference Handling Gender bias in ELT Class rooms: Cultural concepts and stereo typical beliefs Saima Hasin & Takwa Sultana Jahan
2009 8th Language and Development conference, Dhaka , Organized by British Council Gender stereotyping in EFL Textbooks : A case study in Bangladesh Saima Hasin
2009 Asian EFL Conference, Cebu, Philippine Integration of  ICT in ELT at tertiary level Saima Hasin & Takwa Sultana Jahan
2009 International Language and Development Conference, Dhaka ‘Reviewing the Challenges and opportunities presented by code-switching and mixing in Bangla’ Md. Kamrul Hasan
2007 BELTA 4th International Conference The importance of Cross-cultural awareness in ELT Saima Hasin
2006 10th NELTA International conference Reflection : Learning from experience Saima Hasin
2004 The Second ASIA-TEFL International Conference, Seoul , South Korea Class room practices in teaching English at tertiary level . Saima Hasin
2003 BELTA 3rd International Conference , Dhaka Reflection: from the voices of teachers Saima Hasin
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