About ELI

English Language Institute of United International University started functioning from the day one of the university’s establishment in 2006. Its primary objective is to analyze the language need of the students, design and update necessary courses time to time. The institute sequentially offers three courses- Spoken English, Basic English and Composition and Communication Skills for School of Business and Economics and Spoken English, English I and English II for School of Science and Engineering. All these courses are compulsory.

Spoken English is the first fundamental course offered to eliminate students’ deficiency to ensure better learning. It emphasizes on improving the speaking ability of the students by facilitating them better their pronunciation and by making them do presentation on various issues that will upgrade their confidence in communicating and expressing themselves in real life situations.  Basic English/English I is designed to improve students’ communicative competence that they will need in their respective core courses. The course integrates grammar and reading. Students will be introduced to a range of reading and listening texts along with some ideas on grammar to enable them to be exposed to the target language in context, followed by tasks that prompt its analysis and use. There will be equal emphasis on writing and speaking too.

The composition and communication course/English II is mainly aimed at making students apply their knowledge of English in efficient and skilled writing. It includes understanding the strategies of varied types of writing needed in real life communication and professional world. Listening and speaking also remain as an integral part of the course.

Apart from conducting the English courses of the university, English Language Institute also arranges debate, workshops, training, film show and the like on regular basis. The entire efforts of the institute are dedicated to making learners capable of using English for academic and communication purpose.

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